Here is a must see


on insecticides, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and your health. This is what our world is coming to. Profits are out weighing food safety. If you don't understand GMO's or genetic insecticides, watch this 1 minute video. It is so shocking that our governments are not protecting the people consuming these foods or protecting the farmers that are being conned into buying these seed products because they are convinced that they are safe. While watching this 1 minute video, please keep in mind that the foods that we eat are broken down into the building blocks that make up all the pieces of our body. If the DNA of our body cannot break apart and/or recognized the DNA of the plants and animals that we are consumming, how do you think this will affect the basic structure of our cells and our DNA. I would also like you to consider that cancer is caused by mutations in human DNA. If we are eating the mutated and modified DNA of the foods we consume that are not ORGANIC, perhaps part of the contributing factors to the DRAMATIC increases in disease and cancer is GMO's in our food... just a thought.