I love this cartoon. It is perfect for the world we live in. As I wrap up my education at Bastyr University, I have learned the value of rest, relaxation, and complete nutrition for every person in this world. Moving forward, I hope to start incorporating not only healthy recipes, but also information I have found in research that is beneficial to my patients and the world over. Look for future posts on health and nutrition, the value of exercise, and the benefits of alternative medicine.

For now, let's start with, WTFlip is an EAMP? This translates literally to East Asian Medical Practitioner. What does this mean to the world outside the Washington State Department of Health? This title is equivalent to a Nurse Pratitioner, except in the area of Eastern (Chinese) medicine, as opposed to Western Medicine. What does this mean to you, the future clients of my practice? It means that upon graduating with my Master's degree, completing my licensing requirements, and passing my boards, I will be able to treat you as a practitioner of "Eastern" medicine. My scope of practice will include: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, fire cupping, Chinese/Japanese bodywork, Chinese Nutrition, and the ability to recommend supplementation and dietary changes to my patients and clients. The Washington State Department of Health has given Acupunturists a new title because our scope of practice includes so much more than just sticking needles in people and only giving acupuncture treatments. For more information about our scope of practice and the VERY uninteresting ins and outs of the new title please visit the

Washington State Department of Health

. The advantage of this change is, upon graduating, I get to legally use all of the education I have payed for, and I get to address my patients and clients from a holistic stand point. To me, the foundation of health is nutrition and exercise. Everything else is an accesory we use to correct the health mistakes we have made in the past and/or should be a building block to maintain overall health of the mind, body, and spirit. Without lifestyle changes at the very heart of our life, true, long term health cannot be maintained. I look forward to elaborating on this more in the future. I am excited to be able to start using all of the knowledge and information I have gained over the past many years as a holistic health practitioner.