Welcome to Part 2 in our series for Summer Cleanse!
  1. Minimize carbs (except fruit). 
    I know that seems insane considering all the delicious pasta salads, potato salads, and buns that are available, but remember, it's only 1 month and by decreasing your the simple carbs like breads, white rice, pasta, and white potatoes; your buns will look smaller too.  Use lettuce to wrap your burgers or opt for lean chicken and fish when available.  Skip hot dogs and bratwurst even though they're delicious (I love a good Beef Hotdog).  Honestly though, we all know that they're full of the leftover crap that no one wanted as a cut of meat. And AGAIN, it's ONLY ONE MONTH! If you still are dying for that pasta salad, eat only a couple of tablespoons full to get the flavor, but remember, you're progress will be slower every time you eat simple carbs.
  2. Cut sugar. 
    I say this a lot in all my blogs.  Sugar has been connected with chronic inflammation, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and pain.  It is responsible for multiple, chronic health problems.  Choose instead to sweeten your tea and coffee with stevia, agave, or honey.  For desserts, have fresh grilled pears or grilled peaches with a dollop of plain yogurt.  You can sweeten your yogurt with a dash of vanilla and a bit of honey if you do not like the flavor.  I personally think that fresh berries in the summer are divine and do not need much else, but I know more people crave sweets more than I do.  If you're one of those people who constantly crave sweets and need extra sweet things to be satisfied, there's likely an imbalance going on somewhere in your body.  Generally it's an overgrowth of yeast in the body.  If you chronically eat sweets and/or have a sweet tooth, see your nutritional therapist, N.D., Nutritionist, acupuncturist, or other healthcare provider to learn of ways to combat that.  There may be an overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria in the intestines, too much yeast in the body, or you just may have a plain old addiction to sugar.  Either way, there's ways to combat this.  There are also over the counter herbal yeast cleanses available as well, but working with a practitioner will help you get to the root of the problem.
  3. Cut alcohol. 
    Yes, that sounds terrible during the summer, but cutting alcohol will go so far in the weight loss games.  If you must cheat a little, steer clear of sugar loaded alcohol and beer.  Try to stick with red wine, clear alcohol, and clear tequila (which is a prebiotic). These alcohols are highly filtered.  Don't mix your alcohol with juice or soda.  Opt instead for mixing it with sparkling water, ice tea, or kambucha and do not drink to excess.  Try to stay under 4 drinks A WEEK, however, none is best for dropping that last bit of weight.  AGAIN, IT'S ONLY A MONTH :)
  4. Eat Good fats!
    Make sure you're getting good fats in the form of avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil, etc.  This will boost your HDL (good cholesterol), which is considered protective of your brain and blood vessels.  Also, good fats make you feel satiated and less hungry throughout the day.    I cook with olive oil and coconut oil.  I dress my salads with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and salt.  If I include 1/2 and avocado or some good nuts and seeds in that salad with some lean protein, it's a win.  I will have had good fat, good protein, high fiber, and the nutrient density that comes from the mixed greens and veges.  My blood work is beautiful despite my being slightly over weight ( YES, I'm human too).  I chalk this up to a lovely amount of good fats in my diet that have lead to a higher HDL in my cholesterol count.  I eat healthy, but I have my indulgences.