It all started when...

Shandalla often states that the healing arts chose her, as the initial degree she was pursuing was in Environmental Science and Ecology, but after training and teaching Wing Chun Kung fu for multiple years, she had an overuse injury that caused so much pain, she couldn't bend over and tie her shoes. During that 3 week period, she experienced extreme pain, but had a trip to Seattle planned to visit UW's School of Biology.

While visiting WA from Missouri, she slipped and fell at a park making the pain even worse. Her pain was so great, that the traditional muscle relaxers and narcotics didn't ease it, so while in Seattle; she decided to see an acupuncturist because she heard they can help with pain. After one treatment, the pain was completely gone.

This opened up a brand new way of seeing the world and medicine. As a daughter of two nurses living in the Midwest, Shandalla had little exposure to any type of natural medicine. Once she had this profound experience, she set out to learn everything she could, including moving to Seattle to attend top schools in the field.

From that point on, the healer in Shandalla was awakened. She now utilizes everything she has learned in the last 15 years to help her patients achieve a better quality of life.

As of October 1st, 2018, Shandalla is currently on sabbatical and is not taking on new clients.